How Do I Unlock Michael Jordan in NBA 2k11

In October 2010, the 2K Sports released what is arguably one of the best basketball video games into the market. The game also enlisted the services of Michael Jordan, a consensus top pick as the greatest basketball player to be the cover athlete for the game. However, before video game players get to use Michael Jordan in the game, they will have to complete ten challenges, also known as the “Jordan Challenge”, and have the chance to re-direct his career based on the player’s whims and decisions.
Things needed to unlock Michael Jordan in NBA 2k11

Gaming console of choice (Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii, Playstation 2, PSP or PC)
NBA 2K11 game package

The 10 Jordan Challenge Games

The Arrival

Play the game set in April 20, 1986 during Game Two of first round match-up between the Bulls and the Celtics. To complete the level, Jordan should finish the game with a stat sheet of 63+ points, while shooting 50%+ from the field and tally at least six or more assists for the entire game.

69 Points

Complete the level by playing the March 28, 1990 regular season game against the Cavaliers and have Jordan amass 69+ points, a 50% shooting clip, six or more assists and most importantly, have his Bulls win the game.


Engage the Hawks superstar Dominique Wilkins in this 1990 regular season game by having Michael Jordan outscore him handing out five or more assists the entire game. Wilkins should not score more than 25+ and the Bulls must win.

Bad Boys

Relegate the Pistons’ defense to a footnote by having Jordan score 47+ points during this May 26, 1990 Eastern Conference Finals Game 3 match-up. Jordan should also complete four or more assists in this must win game to finish the challenge.

1991 NBA Finals

Complete the challenge by guiding Jordan during the June 2-12, 1991 NBA Finals series against the Lakers to average 31+ per game, achieve a shooting average of 55%+ during the entire series and average eleven or more assists per game and more importantly win the seven-game entire series.

The Shrug

Win the June 3, 1992 Game 1 NBA Finals match-up against the Trailblazers by having Jordan score 35+ points in the first half alone spiked by six or more shots from beyond the three point line, also during the first half and lastly, limit Blazers star Clyde Drexler to 20 points or less.

Double Nickel

Get a win over the Knicks during the March 28, 1995 game by having Michael Jordan score 55+ points and record two assists to complete this challenge.

Father’s Day Victory

Play the June 16, 1996 Game 6 NBA Finals match-up against the Sonics and have Jordan score 22+ points, with nine or more rebounds, seven or more assists and more importantly, get a win.

The Flu Game

Win the June 11, 1997 Game 5 NBA Finals match-up versus the Jazz and have Jordan tally 38 or more points, seven or more rebounds and pass out five or more assists .

Michael’s Last Dance

Play and win the June 14, 1998 NBA Finals Game 6 between the Bulls and the Jazz. Jordan should amass 45+ points, four or more steals; one or more assist and win the game.

Tips and Warnings

Make sure that the stat sheets at the end of the game align with the numbers (points, assists field goal percentage) that are required to complete a challenge.

Once all ten Jordan challenges are complete, the video game player can now draft Michael Jordan into their team and direct his career in the same way that Jordan progressed with the Chicago Bulls in real life.