RuneScape Botting: Risk More Then Just Your Account?

Every day, thousands of people bot on Runescape. A bot is basically something downloaded onto your computer that can click and do what you say over and over again, until you tell it to stop. This works perfectly for any MMORPG. Players can turn their computer on, load the bot, and go to bed. When they wake up, they did what would take you eight hours to do. Whether or not you decide to do this, or think it’s fair, is your opinion. This seems genius to some, and maybe flawless, but let’s take a second look.
First we have the obvious consequences. If the game owner catches you, your account will surely be permanently banned. This doesn’t bother some. As long as you use a non-important account your fine, right? Wrong. This is your second mistake. Your first mistake? Trying to break the rules.

So what could possibly have gone wrong? You read everywhere about botting, you know exactly what to do! Consider this. By making a site promoting rule breaking, and assisting breaking a games rules, they have broken the law. If they are fine with breaking one law, why not another? You may think that everything went along great, but what if when you downloaded your bot, you downloaded a virus? This huge IF, is the reason many people choose not to bot.

How can you avoid this second, awful consequence? Well first off there is a simple solution, don’t bot. The other solution, possibly slightly more complex. This other way involves making your own bot or “macro.” If you can make your own bot then you have no worry of viruses.

Unfortunately, the other consequence is unavoidable. If caught, you will be permanently banned. Think before you bot.

After originally writing this article, I noticed that i had no first hand experience in botting to inform people with. After experimenting with a few bots, and doing large amounts of research, I have found a favorite among bots. Epic Bot is the best I’ve found so far, and if used properly, can earn you millions over night. I reccomend botting on many accounts at a time, depending on the speed of your computer. My old computer could bot with maybe one account at a time without lagging. My new laptop can do 5, so it all depends on your computer.

I’ve only recently started this, but i don’t bot and break and bot. I bot overnight and i’m yet to be banned, but just to be safe, use a bad account.

(This article in no way supports any rule breaking of any site, follow the rules.)